Macpherson Struts And Coil Springs

The fourth generation Corvette was a radical departure from General Motors early Corvette engineering. It eliminated a perimeter frame to support the suspension and driveline. Two front frame rails integrated into the first ever Corvette uni-body construction. This made for an interesting driveline mounting installation. The front suspension subframe was bolted to the frame rails while providing engine mounting points. Although phosphate and zinc plate will last indefinitely on a garaged and trailered show car, in real street use it is a matter of time until rust takes hold, ruining the suspension detail. Coil springs integrated into struts can be replaced as part of the entire unit.

When it comes to removal and installation of parts such as ball joints, universal joints, and truck brake anchor pins , Astro Pneumatic Tool's Ball Joint Service Kit contains a "C" frame press, 3 receiver tubes, and a variety of adapters that are useful for removing rusted and corroded bits.

If the shaft is caught on the upper bushing during the process, the shaft will collapse the aluminum arm easily. 24 Before installing the bushing holder back on the cartridge rod, it needs to have both surfaces clean and free from grease and oil. Leaf springs use a stack of thick steel ''leaves'' that bend and flex as the wheels traverse over uneven terrain.

With suspension revalve services we personalize your fork or shock absorber to your specific needs. The C4 Corvette received aluminum suspension components for the first time. Rubber replacement bushings are not available. Now it's time to remove the fork seals and separate the inner and outer fork legs.

The steering knuckle should be supported after removing the bolts to prevent axle joint overextension. 11: Loosen the upper control arm mounting bolts and carefully remove the shims. Remove front wheel with hub and drum assembly. The upper control arm shaft will be pushed out through this bushing first using the small washer to push the rubber out.

Some of the automotive suspension parts we sell are standard duty springs, heavy duty springs, lift springs, lowering springs, shackle kits, u-bolts, rubber bushings, polyurethane bushings, individual front end parts and front end rebuild kits. 1. Emotive suspension - Suspension Disassembly Lightning's front wheels can move in 2 axes, mimicking what you see in the Cars movie, giving this toy a life-like quality.

Remove the shock absorber and the sway bar before beginning the disassembly (I forgot -but did remove it after this picture was taken). Axle shafts are removed with an 8mm socket; rotate the axle shaft so that two bolts are removed on the inside at the top.

Springs assist in exploiting power to the wheels, resulting is more speed, drivability (control) and consistency. On right end, remove radius rod pin nut and lockwasher, then disconnect pin support from bracket on axle housing. 15mm screws hold the toe link assembly onto the housing; these do not have to be removed for rear spindle knuckle work.

The spindle rod bolts, brake caliper with parking brake cable mount and brake hose are removed. Do not delay in repairing a failing ball joint or tie rod end. Start by unbolting the shock at the upper mount, disconnecting the sway bar endlinks if so equipped, and breaking the tie rod loose from the steering arm.

I remove the lower ball joint grease fitting to allow the wood to sit flat on the ball joint. Remember the coil spring will be pushing down on the control arm with tension. You'll probably need to remove the brake disc and caliper to get to the fastener between the ball joint and the bottom of the strut or upright-but maybe not.

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